Welcome to CSRtist.com!

Hello and welcome to CSRtist.com, the place to be inspired by effective corporate good. If you’re visiting my website, chances are you already agree with the notion that corporate social responsibility is a good thing for business.

As a CSR artist, it’s my goal to talk about more than just why CSR is a good idea. Though I may not be a conventional artist who paints, takes photography or creates music, I do hope to facilitate unique thoughts, creative concepts, refreshing perspectives and new ways of thinking about corporate social and environmental impact. This is a place to be inspired and excited about effective corporate good and all of its possibilities.

My blog posts will be a mixture of my own past experiences, combined with popular concepts and strategies for executing a strong CSR mandate. I’ll regularly post reviews on CSR-related books, resources and news articles. From time to time, I will also conduct case studies, drawing from successful, compromised and failed initiatives.

I welcome and encourage an open forum for friendly debate, comments, collaboration and information sharing. Feel free to use this space as a place to congregate with fellow students, academics, activists and professionals who are as passionate about corporate good as you are.

Feel free to leave comments as well as suggestions if there’s something specific you’d like to see me write about in a future post. And remember to subscribe to my blog and follow me on twitter @CSRtist.

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