The B Series: I’m Having a Susty Party & You’re Invited!

The field and niche of event planning has seemed to have ballooned in the past few years. It’s no surprise then that eco-conscious entrepreneurs have sprung into action to find more sustainable ways to outfit, plan and execute events.

Take for instance the folks over at Susty Party, who are revolutionizing the way we party.

They create disposable tableware that is compostable, yet colourful, highly functional and responsibly made. All Susty Party products are made from renewable and sustainably harvested materials.

And did I mention that they’re also super adorable?

I was lucky enough to speak with Hailey Quinn Hayman, Marketing & Communications Manager over at Susty Party to learn more about what drives and inspires this ethically and environmentally conscious B Corp.

Here’s a snapshot of what Hailey had to say:

CSRtist: What makes Susty Party different?

Hailey: There are a lot of party product and disposable tableware companies out there. However, many do not put sustainability at the forefront of their mission. And for those that do, they typically manufacture and sell products that lack colour, often taking on an “earthy” and brown look. And that’s fine, but we wanted to make something that’s a bit more lively and fun.

At Susty Party, we don’t sacrifice style or our mission-driven business model.

The fact that our products are ethically manufactured, here in North America, is definitely an aspect of our business model that sets us apart from the rest. Our products are made in partnership with non-profit factories who employ and empower the visually impaired community.

CSRtist: When and how did you decide to become a certified B Corporation?

Hailey: One of our co-founders had previously worked for a B Corporation and was heavily involved in their certification process. So when she started her own company, she immediately embedded B Corp criteria into the business model.

The rest is history.

CSRtist: What have been the positive effects and outcomes of this decision?

Hailey: We’ve gained an incredible network having joined the B Corp community, securing access to many like-minded companies. We all seem to have the same mindset, but come to the table with many different skill sets. We feel comfortable reaching out for advice and building strong business relations with our peers who are just as passionate about doing business with purpose as we are.

Candidly, our product doesn’t work too well without food around. Having the B Corp network and community by our side, we’re able to forge those necessary and meaningful partnerships with food-related businesses that we need to succeed.

We’re all like a big family and it’s a win-win for all of us.

CSRtist: If you had to sum up your experience with B Corporation in one word, what would that be?

Hailey: Camaraderie.

I couldn’t agree more with Hailey. Having spent time and spoken with many B Corp employees, founders and ambassadors, the theme that continually repeats through each conversation is that of friendship and community.

Susty Party; Party Supplies; Sustainable Party Supplies; Compostable Party Supplies

Susty Party cups

And that’s really what I think Susty Party is all about. It’s about making disposable party supplies better for the world. It’s about bringing friends together to celebrate, while simultaneously, decreasing the carbon footprint associated with disposable products.

At the end of the day, we all know that reusable products are the most sustainable option. But when the decision to use disposable tableware is made, perhaps at an employee baby shower, an impromptu picnic or an outdoor affair, it’s nice to know that there is a sustainably driven option available to you.

I commend Susty Party for taking on the paper tableware industry and for making a product that’s much more innovative and sustainable than the competition.

It’s beautiful, durable and ethical too!

Are you looking to pick up and purchase your own Susty Party supplies? If so, be sure to use promo code CSRTIST for a $10.00 discount at

And for your chance to win a Susty Party giveaway package, simply follow the blog via WordPress or by email to enter. Look out for the prize announcement on twitter, @CSRtist.

The giveaway will be announced next week.

Good luck & happy partying!

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